As an electrical contractor, safety is of the utmost importance. At KVA Electric Inc., we embrace a three step approach to safety on the job site and in our daily work. Our safety process is stability and motivation.


We continually strive for stability within our company. Even though all employees are required to maintain safety on the job site and within their work, our supervisors have express authority to act in the best interest of the client and employees under his charge. This accountability and integrity enables us to maintain the highest safety standards in the industry.


While OSHA compliance and sales initiatives suffice for many companies in the electrical contracting industry, KVA Electric Inc. chooses to be proactive and strive beyond the normal.


The KVR Electric Electric team is committed to meeting and exceeding safety standards within the electrical contracting industry. We seek constant improvement in every aspect of our business, are consistently evaluating our performance and hold every member of our team accountable. This level of integrity has made us an industry leader in both performance and safety.